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Fu An Industrial Co., Ltd. 福安工業股份有限公司

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Today is 31,Oct,2020
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About Us
Our sun & moon light the earth, our two eyes give us sight, Autos & vehicles need the same quality lighting systems to drive.
Fu An Company’s understanding of these requirement is reflected in our superior products.

Fu An Company was established in 1958, and expanded to Chang Sha, Hunan in August, 1995. The Photoelectric Technology Center was established in 2004 to incorporate more sophisticated R&D and design based on accumulation of past achievements and experiences.

We specialize not only in lighting systems manufacturing, but also product design and development. We main products include motor vehicle, motorcycle, ATV grade cart, snow coach …etc.

We strive to produce products with excellent quality, elegant shapes, and remarkable optics – providing our customers safe night travel, wherever they go. [Details]
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